Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Good Customer Service? Since When?

In this day and age, it really seems like customer service has gone out the window when you're doing any kind of shopping.  From retail, to food, to even specialized niche companies, more often than not, you're greeted with someone who either honestly couldn't care what you need, or has already clocked out for the day and has little interest in actually doing their job.  Of course, there's also the 'I'm just pissed at the world and am going to take it out on you' kind of people, which make you wonder how they haven't been fired yet.

None the less, I had an actually great experience with a form of customer service today.  It just seems like such a rare spectacle, I felt the need to write my blog post about it.

Today, I ordered from Pizza Hut.  On Tuesdays, they have the 'Tuscani Tuesday' deal, where their pastas are cheaper than normal.  While they aren't a marvel of culinary prowess, they are still pretty damn tasty, and with my lack of money, lack of a vehicle to drive, and lack of other delivery options, it was what I opted for to order.

I placed the order before the store opened online, and was honestly surprised that the order arrived before the time it was suppose to be 'started' in the store.  I was all excited, cleaning my desk up to accommodate the food, getting a fork, grabbing a soda, so happy to have something to nom on...then I opened the container.

Alfredo.  Dammit.

I had ordered the Meaty Marinara, and to be honest, they only had an 1 in 2 chance of screwing up the order, since the only other flavor of pasta was chicken alfredo.  Still, while I love the taste of Alfredo, my stomach can't handle it, and I generally get really sick after eating it.  So, as all my excitement over my noms disappeared, I checked my e-mail receipt to make sure I had ordered the right thing, then proceeded to call the store.

What surprised me the most was how incredibly friendly the girl was on the other end.  To be honest, she sounded younger than myself, and for someone of her age to actually give a rat's ass about her job was quite astonishing.  None the less, she apologized, double checked my order, and even offered to add on a free dessert alongside the corrected food they were sending out, all in a sincere, kind tone.

It was all very professional and courteous, not something I expected from a fast food joint.  When the food came, even the delivery man, who I had seen not an hour ago, was apologetic and smiling, and even though the offered dessert never came, it was really the thought that counted.  I just assumed her boss wasn't as nice and customer service oriented as she was.