Monday, August 12, 2013

"Is it too late to get a refund on that skin?"

u totaly wastd yur $$$ - toxic league player, 2013

 To be honest, unless you are a pro, and I'd even imagine they've heard it before, this line is something almost every league player has heard when they're playing a champion with a bought skin:
"Is it too late to get a refund on that skin?"
It's likely one of the rudest, most irritating things to say, and is the toxic person's not so dickheaded of a way of telling the target person they sucked something awful that match.  Of course, there's three types of people that use this kind of toxic behavior.

1. Completely Irrational

You give up first blood, miss a skill shot, or ult someone in the wrong direction.  Immediately, if you have a skin, this toxic person is going to flip out and ask you the question above, and likely stick with it for the rest of the match into the after game chat where they likely will ask the enemy team to report you.  Even if you played the rest of the game fine, or only made one or two other small mistakes.

2. Irrational

This toxic fellow isn't as bad, but everyone has their off games or days.  You end up playing poorly in the match you're teamed up with this person, not at the top of your game, and toward the end they'll pop the question.  There's a good chance they won't take into consideration you're having an off game/day and report you, likely after a lot of raging either in chat or verbally at their computer screen.  Doesn't matter that you've played this character 7 out of 10 matches in your match history and won 6 of them.

3. Rational

But Tal, there's a rational person that uses this toxic behavior?

Answer is, yes.

If you bought the latest skin on the skin sale and the champ to go along with it, and after 10 games straight of playing this champ with 10 straight losses, your game with this person being no better than the last 9, not even I would feel sympathy for you.  This is likely the one time where the person asking you this question is legitimately trying to help you, if anything, at least save up RP for a skin, for a champ, you know you can play well and will utilize more efficiently, even if they come off the typical toxic asshole we all have come to hate in the league community.