Saturday, August 17, 2013

Miracle Machine: Quesadilla Maker

I've had this baby since my boyfriend and I moved in together a while ago.  Up until recently, I've only been using it for what is was named for: Quesadillas.  Which is expected, generally you buy an item and use it for what it was named for.

These last few weeks however, my boyfriend really wanted tuna melts.  In our last place, our oven had a special slot for a broiler, and made things much easier and a lot less messy than just attempting to broil sandwiches on a cookie sheet in the normal oven.  I really was not in the mood to deal with our oven, considering it can be a pain in its heating up and thoroughly heating.

Then, the miracle idea. "Why not just use the quesadilla maker?"

Damn, may have been the best idea my boyfriend has had in our 7 years together.


Or am I?

Since then, I've been making anything that could reasonably be made in the quesadilla maker in the miracle machine.  French Toast, tuna melts, pancakes, grilled cheese, and of course quesadillas.  It's very non-stick, so I don't even need cooking spray or butter, and evenly cooks all the things I listed.  Larger sandwiches like the melts can sometimes get a bit squished, but in the end they're just as tasty squished or not, so it doesn't matter.

So, what other possibilities does the miracle machine present?  What other awesome meals can I make simpler with my Quesadilla machine?  Only the future will tell...