Sunday, August 18, 2013


Obviously, it's been a while since this game came out.  Yet, even years later, I find it ridiculously addicting at the most random time, and practically have been playing it non stop for the last 5 days.

My favorite type of video games are RPGs, and throw in open world and you have me hook, line and sinker.  The ability to move around the game world freely is a big part of any gameplay for me, being able to make choices in my own way, my own order, however I so chose.  It's primarily why Final Fantasy XIII isn't my favorite FF game, being that it has pretty much zero open world play until the very, very end.

Currently, I have a Breton mage, level 36, that specializes in conjuration and heavy armor.  Yeah, not sure why, but I wanted my chick to be able to take a beating and cast some wicked spells in the mean time.

I mostly use my conjuration for conjuring up bound bows and swords, and every once in a while the atronarch side kick or two in case things get really sticky.  Yes, I'm looking at you Steam Centurion Master.  And my boyfriend just said it was going to be a spider guardian in that room.  Lies I tell you, all lies!

Beyond that, my closest skills to 100 are Alchemy and Enchanting at the moment.  In game, the quickest way, in my opinion, to make money is to make potions.  Considering I have the Hearthfire DLC and have tons of ingredients growing at my house, harvest fishies from my fishery, and constantly buy out the alchemists when I go on a selling spree, I always have tons of alchemical ingredients to make potions.  My favorite, most expensive ones to make are Slow and Paralysis, followed by Damage Magicka/Stamina Regen.  Good sell value, and with my home gardens, the ingredients are a plenty.

I've already completed the War questline, striking down Ulfric just to get some awesome Ebony armor from Tullius, and am halfway through the College of Winterhold quests.  Gonna admit it's irritating that you have to be at a certain level of a certain skill set in order for the appropriate instructor to sell a certain level of spell books.  Took a lot of flame atronarchs and bound swords to buy the Bound Bow tome eventually.

My boyfriend is highly encouraging me to run through the Dawnguard DLC, something I'm tempted to start soon, considering I've never delved much into it in my previous characters.  I guess it would be a debate between that and the Dragonborn DLC.  Then again, I got so pissed off at that dick Miraak kept stealing my damn dragon souls that I just rushed the main part of that quest so I could kill his sorry ass.

Over-all, I've learned that I like mages.  And only mages.  I don't think I've played anything other than some form of a mage in either Skyrim or Oblivion.  Yet, I am not bothered by this fact.