Sunday, August 25, 2013

Over 2000 Views! Giveaway perhaps?

It's kinda crazy, my blog has actually received over 2000 views on it.  Definitely not something I was expecting to have happen in a little over a month, much less at all.  I certainly am aiming to get my blog out there, let people know what I'm writing and the such, and it's nice to know that people have wandered on through like they have.

My most viewed post was on my Stuffed Shells recipe.  A majority of the traffic came from my link posted on Reddit in the recipes subreddit, and over-all, the post recieved over half of my total views I've had since I started writing.  Going to be honest I wasn't going to expect so much interest in such a simple recipe, but apparently people were craving pasta on reddit!

Beyond that, the rest of my views have been fairly mixed, the post with the most next views being 'Making Friends on League', having a little over 200 views.  League posts, besides my recipe monster, have been the most popular, which is nothing bad considering I love League and I love writing about it.

None the less, for anyone that stumbles upon this, I was thinking of hosting a little giveaway.  Considering I am dead poor and can't afford anything that requires monetary investment in order to give away, I will be giving away a piece of art.  The winner will have many different kinds of art to chose from, and entering couldn't be more simple.

In order to enter for a chance to win, all you have to do is follow me here on Blogger, then comment on this post with your username and mention the contest for a chance to win!

In two weeks, or when I have at least 5 entries, I will random number generate a winner, assigning every entry a number and running in through an online generator.  The winner will be able to chose from one of the art styles I have mentioned in my previous post about being artsy fartsy, under the 'Art' category, or in my post for my upcoming art for League.

I won't do anything graphic, nude, disturbing, etc. etc.  Pretty much, I have to okay what I am going to draw for you before I draw it.  Beyond that, let your friends know, and your friends friends, and anyone who could enjoy any of the many topics I write about!